Photo 4028 Sunset over Loch Ewe and Isle of Ewe, Wester Ross


The seller is Gordon C Harrison and my contact details are;

Gordon C Harrison
United Kingdom
IV22 2NP

Telephone +44 (0)1445 731557

All purchases made from this site are governed by Scottish law, and any terms and conditions mentioned on this site do not preclude your statutory rights.If you have any complaints, or queries, contact the seller using any of the means listed above or via the email form on this website.


Dispatch options and timescales to receive prints or other products depend on what you order and what country the goods are to be dispatched to. Full details of these arrangements are set out for you while you are ordering. Once the products you have chosen and the delivery address is completed you will be presented with various dispatch options with varying time scales for you to choose from.


If for any reason you change your mind about the products you ordered and wish to cancel your order, then providing that by the 7th day after receiving the products you ordered you notify me of that fact by email or in writing, you will receive a full refund upon receipt by me of the goods being returned in good condition. If you are unable to ship the goods to me I will arrange collection from the delivery address, the cost of which will be deducted from your refund.


I will replace any products damaged in transit upon the return of the original damaged goods, and reimburse your dispatch costs for returning the goods.


My own computer equipment, and the printing processes I employ are colour calibrated to international standards using the methods of colour management. This enables maximum accuracy in the reproduction of colours on other calibrated equipment. I can be sure therefore that what I see on screen is what will appear in print within the limits of the printing device I employ.Even in a colour managed environment an image printed on one device may be subtly different from the same image printed on another device.

This is as a result of different printing devices using different paper and inks, however a colour managed environment will reduce these colour shifts to an absolute minimum.If the monitor you are using to view my photographs is not professionally calibrated and profiled with equipment designed for that purpose then what you see on screen may not be a good guide to the actual colours in the printed image.


I reserve the right to alter without notice or prior warning, photograph availability, prices and conditions of sale.


The only information available to me you when you order are your contact details; Name, Address, Post/Zip Code, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, the products you ordered and optionally a delivery address. This information is collected from you solely to allow me to process your order and no other purpose. I will not trouble you with email newsletters for example. The service I use to 1) process your order online and to 2) process your credit/debit card details is SmugMug. SmugMug capture all the details necessary to accept your order, process your credit/debit card and route your requirements and delivery details to Loxley Colour. Loxley Colour do the actual printing and creation of wall products as specified by you. Details of these two companies privacy policy can be read at the above links.


Unless stated otherwise all images on this site are © Gordon C Harrison. No reproduction is permitted without permission. Moral Rights are asserted in all countries and under any acts that require such assertion.

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