Photo 4028 Sunset over Loch Ewe and Isle of Ewe, Wester Ross

20 March 2014

Apogee Photo Magazine is designed to inspire, educate and inform photographers of all ages and levels.  Marla Meier, the editor of Apogee Photo Magazine, is also an accomplished artist and photographer and examples of her work can be seen on Facebook. I got to know Marla through the support and publicity she gave me with the Artists' Bill of Rights campaign I founded. That campaign's aim is to persuade companies and organisations to adhere to a set of principles designed to protect the intellectual property rights of creative people.

Although I am no longer leading the campaign Marla and I have kept in touch and recently she asked me to write an article for her magazine. Back in the campaign days I was regularly writing news articles but a couple of years have elapsed since then. I was sure my writing skills had withered! However, with encouragement from Marla I got started and re-discovered that the process of writing is enjoyable, once you have managed find some inspiration of course.

In fact I enjoyed it so much that I considerably exceeded the number of words required by a wide margin and the article had to be split into two parts. I decided the theme for the article should be the photographic opportunities that abound in my part of the world, Wester Ross, an area containing stunning tracts of wilderness in the North-west Highlands of Scotland.

Reproduced below are thumbnail extracts from parts one and two of my article, just click on them to read each part.

I hope you enjoyed the article and have seen that there are countless other inspiring articles on Apogee Photo Magazine on every photographic topic you can imagine. If you have any comments about this blog entry I will be glad to hear from you, just enter them below.

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